Rocky Point in the Fall

Rocky Point Mexico in the FallRocky Point Mexico in the fall is such a peaceful and relaxing time.  Unlike summer, the beaches are almost empty, filled only with the sounds and smells of the Sea of Cortez, but few people.  Our favorite times are walks on the beach at the end of the day when the tide is low.

Walking the beach in Rocky Point

The 2+ mile walk East on Sandy Beach from Princesa A109 is leisurely, and if the tide is low enough you’ll walk to the mouth of the marina and watch the boats come in for the day.

Boats come in for evening at Rocky Point MexicoBoats come into the Rocky Point Marina











Walking back, you are rewarded with the lingering warmth of the sun’s final rays, beckoning you to witness yet another spectacular fall sunset at Rock Point Mexico.

A spectacular fall sunset at Rocky Point Mexico

What could be better?  Tomorrow you can look forward to another day of the same.

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